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Environmentally Responsible

Nexus Parking Systems proudly presents our new solar energy installations at the Clinton Commons, Station Plaza Park & Ride garages in Trenton and the NJ Transit station in Hamilton New Jersey.

These installations have been fully operational since September, October 2008 and January 2011 respectively. In addition to the solar aspect of this initiative, all of the existing lighting was replaced with newer technology fixtures. This allowed for not only increased light levels for the benefit of our patrons throughout all areas of the facilities, but also achieved a 40% reduction in energy consumption as compare to the previous lighting application.

Nexus is constantly looking for ways to utilize current green technologies to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment and these efforts have clearly allowed us to take a big step toward achieving our Going Green goals. The combined energy that is both saved and produced by these projects will exceed one million kilowatt hours per year, enough overall energy to power more than 100 individual homes!

Working closely with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, NJ Office of Clean Energy, PSE&G and the local Governmental building departments, Nexus was able to efficiently proceed with the installation of these very complicated projects, while all facilities remained open for business 24/hours per day and 7/days per week. Today a structural canopy exists above the roof level automobile parking not only to provide a substrate for the solar panels (more than 4,100 in total) but also provides shade to the vehicles parked underneath.

As part of Nexus’ foresight, we also included several docking stations and reserved parking under the solar arrays for electric vehicles. This will allow patrons that utilize this form of renewable energy to have their vehicles recharged by the power of the sun while they take mass transit to and from their place of work. Currently there is no charge for this service and we invite anyone who may be interested to take advantage of the FREE power of the Sun.

The Nexus family of companies is very proud of its long-standing relationship with NJ Transit. We welcome the opportunity to provide these improvements for the parking decks that serve the Trenton Transit Center and Hamilton Train Station.